Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring Cleaning

I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning over the Easter weekend. I have had a few projects that have been hanging around that I have not been sure about for various reasons so I have now frogged them.

I love this pattern (Citron) and will definitely make it in the future, but this particular project had bad memories for me as it was what I was knitting when I found out that my Grandad had died.

I am planning on using the yarn to knit a featherweight cardigan - which is a project that I have also frogged over the past few days as the yarn that I was using just broke so easily - but to be honest the yarn is laceweight cashmere I am not quite sure what I was expecting!
Pretty colour though.

This is what they look like now:

It hasn't all been ripping back projects though - although I don't yet have a 3rd Jumper I do have about 5 potentials for that throne. They are all at least halfway through, so as soon as I can knit again ( I have got pains in my wrist/arm again) hopefully I will get at least one of them finished before the end of this month.

In other craft news I went to a learn to sew class at John Lewis a couple of weekends ago - I am so proud of the little bag that I made.

Hopefully my Mum will be bringing my sewing machine when she comes to visit so that I can sew some more things!