Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Well what a surprise!

I realised something yesterday, something I am sure you all knew years ago..... If I actually want to get any knitting done, then I do actually have to take it out of the bag and move my needles!

This may sound simple, but I think I have got dragged down by having too many things that I want to do and not really knowing where to start!!!

Well I have been on two training courses this week that have been focused on goals and how to achieve them and rather than applying these to other areas of my life to start with I am using them on my knitting - that way I can see progress!!!

Last night I finally finished one of Sophie the rabbits ears and it is my goal to finish the other one tonight, which would mean that baby Ariadne can finally have her toy, I will have actually finished something this year and I can use the correct needles on that jumper I am so close to finishing.....

You know - I might actually get some stuff done this year!