Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Coat for a Boat Disaster

I decided to finally brave posting the photos of my knitting - FAIL....

This is the Jellyfish (yes, I know it's awful). This is my lovely boyfriend's favorite knitted item ever - he finds it hilarious and wanted to know if we would get it back after the Coat for a Boat Exhibit. It is on top of the seaweed that my boss knitted. I am hoping never to see it again!

I was much happier with my lobster...
Especially as it actually looks how it is supposed to!

Friday, 22 May 2009

The post of shame - or the many projects of Lottie!

I have got so many projects on the go!

First off I have a pair of socks, these were planned as tube knitting - but have now got to the heel and the lace part on the foot so it's a no to doing those on the tube until I get back to an easy bit!
Kai-Mei designed by Cookie a (from her new book Sock Innovation)

I still have not managed to successfully sew up my first jumper (I tried AGAIN last weekend)- the pattern was really easy, Granite by Erika Knight. The cackhanded sewing up - all me!

My 'Credit crunch' lace topped cardigan - the three parts have been knitted - I have knitted one button band (cast off a tiny bit too tight - grrr despite trying my hardest to cast off loosely)

Oh yeah that illusion scarf I started for my brother for Christmas... I might just put that away for a couple of months - not top of my to do list I am afraid!

Lobster and octopus for the Coat for a Boat - were finished! Not massivly happy with them, but they have been sent off.

My felted bag is continuing (slowly) I'm not sure I like Intarsia - plus I am not sure what I am doing counts as Intarsia!

I had to pull down my second Baby Surprise Jacket and start again this morning (My new tube project). The baby was born 2 days ago, so I should probably get a move on...

And my most shameful unfinished project.... my iPod cover which I knitted (actually I can't even remember when I knitted it - that's bad isn't it?) all I need to do is sew on one button and a loop to fasten it.

Oh yeah.. I have just started to swatch for a new jumper (despite the other 2 not being sewn up).

And on that note I am going to hang my head in shame - maybe start another project to make myself feel better... I am definatly a process knitter - no risk of any finished projects around here for a while!

Monday, 11 May 2009

A New Toy

Went to pick up my first birthday present on Sunday.

I am really excited to give it a go, this machine is actually older than me so it might need a little bit of tlc before I get started. Plus to be fair I have never even seen a knitting machine in use so I may have to dedicate a whole weekend to working it out (using youtube).

I don't think it will ever pursude me to stop handknitting though - it just isn't quite so portable. It does seem a little bit like cheating!

Monday, 4 May 2009


I am missing a knitting needle! I had it yesterday morning when I was knitting in bed (we have friends over - the front room is out of bounds). I then got my knitting out on the tube and only had 3 dpns! Luckily the ones that the sock was actually on.

Had a lovely day out in London, the needle would just be at home - right?

Wrong! I can't find it anywhere, I have taken all the bedding off, shaken everything down and still no needle!

I just hope it isn't my boyfriend who finds it - I don't think he will be very happy!