Friday, 22 May 2009

The post of shame - or the many projects of Lottie!

I have got so many projects on the go!

First off I have a pair of socks, these were planned as tube knitting - but have now got to the heel and the lace part on the foot so it's a no to doing those on the tube until I get back to an easy bit!
Kai-Mei designed by Cookie a (from her new book Sock Innovation)

I still have not managed to successfully sew up my first jumper (I tried AGAIN last weekend)- the pattern was really easy, Granite by Erika Knight. The cackhanded sewing up - all me!

My 'Credit crunch' lace topped cardigan - the three parts have been knitted - I have knitted one button band (cast off a tiny bit too tight - grrr despite trying my hardest to cast off loosely)

Oh yeah that illusion scarf I started for my brother for Christmas... I might just put that away for a couple of months - not top of my to do list I am afraid!

Lobster and octopus for the Coat for a Boat - were finished! Not massivly happy with them, but they have been sent off.

My felted bag is continuing (slowly) I'm not sure I like Intarsia - plus I am not sure what I am doing counts as Intarsia!

I had to pull down my second Baby Surprise Jacket and start again this morning (My new tube project). The baby was born 2 days ago, so I should probably get a move on...

And my most shameful unfinished project.... my iPod cover which I knitted (actually I can't even remember when I knitted it - that's bad isn't it?) all I need to do is sew on one button and a loop to fasten it.

Oh yeah.. I have just started to swatch for a new jumper (despite the other 2 not being sewn up).

And on that note I am going to hang my head in shame - maybe start another project to make myself feel better... I am definatly a process knitter - no risk of any finished projects around here for a while!


  1. I think maybe you need another few projects on the go before you will be really happy... remember, the more UFOs, the more excuses you have not to turn them into FOs. (It is a marvellously self-perpetuating system)

  2. I just can't help myself! Must start new projects...

  3. PS - you might like this blog...