Monday, 4 May 2009


I am missing a knitting needle! I had it yesterday morning when I was knitting in bed (we have friends over - the front room is out of bounds). I then got my knitting out on the tube and only had 3 dpns! Luckily the ones that the sock was actually on.

Had a lovely day out in London, the needle would just be at home - right?

Wrong! I can't find it anywhere, I have taken all the bedding off, shaken everything down and still no needle!

I just hope it isn't my boyfriend who finds it - I don't think he will be very happy!


  1. You will need to tell me what dpn stands for? Hope you find the needle. It couldn't have got that far without a stitch... sorry

  2. A Dpn is a double pointed needle. They are used for knitting in the round (socks etc.) which makes it pretty small and pretty sharp. Oooops - still haven't found it though so maybe I lost it on the tube...?