Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I love lace!

After my original thoughts about knitted lace disappeared (i.e who would wear a shawl) it turns out that I think lace is my favorite thing to knit ever (well at least right now)!

I finished my second Ishbel shawl in time to wear it to the wedding, it is a gorgeous dark purple tweedy yarn - hmmm maybe tweed lace is my favorite thing to knit ?

I had also completed my first ever garment Lisel (also designed by Ysolda Teague) which only took a couple of days to knit - I am really pleased with it and have started knitting another - this time with sleeves.

The second one may take a little longer as I have been distracted by yet more lace! Forest Canopy shawl - I have named my version enchanted forest though due to the stunning colours of the yarn that I am using:
And with the lace spread out a little so you can see the leaves:


  1. Beautiful, beautiful shawl! xx

  2. Thanks - it was a great pattern to knit as well.

  3. awww that is sooo pretty. please come help me with my ishbel! please