Sunday, 15 November 2009

Bernard's Hat

Despite the fact that I have decided that I am not going to stress myself out by knitting presents for other people this year, I have knitted my Grandad (Bernard) a hat.

My Grandad is definitely knit-worthy, I am not quite sure why I haven't knitted things for him in the past. I think it could be because he was living with a knitter and I didn't think he would need any scarves etc which was about all I could knit then.

Anyway - I knitted my Grandad a cowl a few weeks ago when he was ill. He loves it - he wore it everyday when my Mum stayed with him. Mum then told me how he needed a new hat as they had to throw away his old knitted hats (I think they had got to the point of falling apart).

So I have designed a hat for my Grandad - it is quite manly, but also fun (this is for the man who taught me to roller skate and dance, despite the fact that he was 70 when I was born!). I hope he likes it - and I have written the pattern down just in case you fancy a quick and easy bulky knit hat as well.

Bernard's Hat

Size 10mm dpns
Super Bulky Yarn - I used LANG Merino 50 Superwash (colours 4480 and 4488) - 90m/100g
Edited to add- I used less than 1/2 of each ball

Cast on 48 stitches in MC (I used cable cast on for a stretchy hem)
Join in the round being careful not to twist - place marker to indicate beginning of round

Row 1 MC- Knit
Row 2 MC- Knit
Row 3 MC- Purl
Row 4 MC- Purl

Change to CC (*)

Row 5 CC -Knit
Row 6 CC- Knit
Row 7 CC - Purl
Row 8 CC - Purl

*I carried the other colour by twisting the colours at the beginning of each round, but you could cut the colour at the end of each set of 4 rounds if you wish

Repeat these 8 rows twice more (Rows 9 - 24 so you have 3 stripes of each colour).

This is a close up of the decreases (it's quite difficult to take a photo of the top of your own head)

Row 25 MC - Knit
Row 26 MC - K4, K2tog - repeat across round (40sts remaining)

Row 27 CC - Knit
Row 28 CC - K3, K2tog - repeat across round (32sts remaining)

Row 29 MC - Knit
Row 30 MC - K2, K2tog - repeat across round (24sts remaining)

Row 31 CC - Knit
Row 32 CC - K1, K2tog - repeat across round (16sts remaining)

Row 33 MC - Knit
Row 34 CC - K2tog - repeat across round (8sts remaining)

Cut yarn and pull through remaining 8 sts.

Again- difficult to take photo's of yourself - honestly I am happy with this hat and I hope I normally don't look this scary!

Please contact me if you find any mistake with this pattern- as it has only been knit by me (so far). Please only knit this pattern for personal use - do not sell the pattern or items knit from it without contacting me.

Many thanks.

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  1. I've tried to take pictures of the top of my head too and it's super hard! LOL

    Looks like something he'll love. :)