Sunday, 14 February 2010

IntSweMoDo 2010

I finally got some pictures of my O W L S. I have worn it several times and still haven't sewn the buttons on yet.

The second jumper that I started was Snow White - then I decided that I didn't think the pattern wenr well with the teal yarn that I was using. So then I decided to knit the fitted February Lady - I had knitted a whole ball before deciding that I would never set in the sleeves so it wasn't worth carrying on. So I frogged my Cascade 220 again and decided to knit St James, but unfortunatly third time was not lucky and by the time I had knitted down to the bust and tried it on it was HUGE!

I should really start making a tension square before I start knitting!

I have managed to knit my second jumper (well shrug really). It was a quick knit, but I really like it.

And now I have started my Ravelympics project....

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