Sunday, 8 March 2009

Photography Fail!

Well it has been a busy weekend, on Saturday I went to a knitting class at I knit London. It was really good, I learnt a lot :

  • How to cable without a cable needle
  • Knitting backward
  • Magic loop
  • Judy's magic cast-on
  • Turkish cast-on
  • Norwegian Purl
  • Channel Island cast on
  • Short rows and wrapping stitches
  • and the basics of entrelac including picking up stitches.

Quite a busy 3hours, it was great because there were only three of us in the group so we got a lot done!

I'm not sure I will use all of these in the future (Channel Island cast on - very interesting, but possibly a little too fiddly) and I won't use Norwegian Purl unless I sort out my tension in continental knitting - it could happen though!

Knitting backwards I can really see being useful, not having to turn the work (especially for short rows), plus the magic loop technique and cast-ons for toe-up socks.

Then today I spent the day trying to sort out my Etsy shop, this has not really happened, mainly due to some truly terrible photography:

(My laptop has now gone on strike, (it is obviously trying to save you from the horrors) but just imagine some really blurry photographs and you will get the idea!)

Everything else is basically sorted, I just need some good light to attempt some more photographs and type up all the details etc!

I haven't got round to doing any knitting though, maybe I'll get a few rows of sock done during the Dancing on Ice Skate off! I'm making the most of the boyfriend being out by watching programmes that he hates!

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