Monday, 15 June 2009

Treasure hunting...

Had a brilliant Saturday with Mel and Sue - we took part in I Knit London's Knitting Treasure Hunt!

There were all sorts of different challenges:

We had to find 10 sheep around London (pub signs/statues/painting etc)and answer the corresponding 5 questions at each location

We had to collect some treasure including
Photograph knitting with a pigeon

Photograph knitting with a policeman

Photograph knitting in a red phone box

Photograph with knitting on a statue

(I still say we should have got extra points for getting our statue to knit)

Photograph knitting with a celebrity

Photographs with us knitting at London landmarks beginning with:

F - Fountains

L - Lions

E - Eye (London Eye)

E - Embankment

C - Covent Garden

E - Elgin Marbles

We had to buy souvenirs beginning with:
W - Wimbledon Tube Sign
O - Oxford Street Keyring
O - Ran out of time!
L - London Tea

And a postcard with a sheep on it!

On top of all that we also had to fill in the gaps of tube stations / find which letters came from which street signs in Lower Marsh and protect our balloon from being popped by other teams (it was a 5 point bonus if you returned with it intact).

Finally we had to knit a scarf as long as possible during the day!

Overall I think we did really well, especially as we managed to have a lovely lunch in between. And well done to Mel for keeping the balloon safe from attack all day!

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