Tuesday, 15 September 2009

I Knit Weekender

I had a brilliant time on Friday and Saturday last week. I spent two days at the Royal Horticultural Halls surrounded by knitting.

Friday morning I met up with Sue (despite having forgotten my phone in all the excitement to get there) and we went to a talk about 'Unexpected Knitting' by Debbie New. I was really inspired by this talk and hope to one day knit my own lace boat - kidding (kind of). Debbie showed us all sorts of fascinating items and garments - I really loved her kaleidoscope cones.

Then on to the marketplace which was full of so many amazing yarns, I could hardly choose. After several walks around and seeing many familiar faces I purchased some lovely things:

A shawl pin

A large purple button

Some 2ply Lambswool (black)

Some 2ply Alpaca (black)

And some stunning purple 2ply 100% silk

Can you tell that I have been bitten by the lace bug? Or that I love black and purple?

Then on Friday afternoon I met up with Mel to go to the Alice Starmore talk 'Influences on Design'. Alice showed some stunning photographs of the Isle of Lewis and talked a little about the history of the way of life there. Very interesting - I am not sure it has quite convinced me on knitting a whole 4ply fair-isle jumper, but I am pretty sure I have said the same about lace in the past so who knows!

I then made my way over to the Knitting and Crochet Guild stand to help out there for a bit - I did nip off when it was quiet to go and get my Whimsical Little Knits book signed by Ysolda Teague (please note the purple tweedy Ishbel - I am going to get some better photos for a later blog).Thanks to Sue for the photo! (I fell in love with the jade coloured jumper that is just over my shoulder - there maybe some more grey chunky knitwear in my future...)

Then to end the day a fashion show, there were some very wearable knitted items and some that I would need to be convinced of to leave the house - but very impressive none the less.

Then Saturday began with a bit more inspiration (i.e shopping) where I managed to only buy a set of KnitPro metal interchangeable needles (starter pack only) that I have been lusting after for an age. I love my Denise Set - but these ones are shiny :) I was really pleased because I managed to finish my Leisl (which I had only started on Wednesday night) on Friday so that I could wear it on Saturday (again further pictures to come!)

I then had a class with Annie Modesitt - amazing knitter/teacher/ woman. I learnt loads about modular knitting and was shocked to learn that the squares are not made by increasing then decreasing, but by decreasing only - the crazy world of knitting!

Then another couple of hours on the guild stand where I was lucky enough to get to chat to Joyce Meader and Woolly Thoughts - Pat Ashworth and Steve Plummer for a couple of minutes.

All in all a great two days - Thank you I Knit - see you again next year?


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