Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Why is it that everything has to happen at once?

Plus I am apologising in advance for lack of photos / lack of posting over the next few weeks. Hopefully once we have moved, I will calm down (I think eating chocolate again may also help).

Knitting has not really helped - partly because I am getting really frustrated trying to sew up my jumper and failing repeatedly.

Maybe I will start needle felting again .... that could be theraputic!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Turning Japanese...

Sakuban terebi o mimasita sochite amimono o shimashita.

(Last night I watched TV and did some knitting)

I am really enjoying Japan season on BBC 4. Watched about five programmes yesterday, loved them all, plus as I was watching them I knitted some sushi. I knitted it for my Japanese teacher Yuki because it is my last lesson on Thursday.

I think it looks quite good

I also finished sock number 1, which I am also pretty pleased with (just need to start the second one now)

Can you tell that it was a nice day, so I spent some time posing knitting items in our garden?

Monday, 16 March 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Another busy weekend, enjoyable, but I quite fancy a nice weekend at home, where I actually get to do some knitting! Not only do I have loads of projects to finish off (a jumper, a cardigan and socks all spring to mind), but there are loads more things that I really need to start.

Our friends have just had a baby boy, and my cousins baby is due in May. I am planning on knitting a lobster for the Coat for a Boat project. I am really excited about that pattern! I also have an un-bloggable project that I need to start! Hmmmm

Maybe I had better get started - or maybe I'll just spend a little more time on Twitter...

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Photography Fail!

Well it has been a busy weekend, on Saturday I went to a knitting class at I knit London. It was really good, I learnt a lot :

  • How to cable without a cable needle
  • Knitting backward
  • Magic loop
  • Judy's magic cast-on
  • Turkish cast-on
  • Norwegian Purl
  • Channel Island cast on
  • Short rows and wrapping stitches
  • and the basics of entrelac including picking up stitches.

Quite a busy 3hours, it was great because there were only three of us in the group so we got a lot done!

I'm not sure I will use all of these in the future (Channel Island cast on - very interesting, but possibly a little too fiddly) and I won't use Norwegian Purl unless I sort out my tension in continental knitting - it could happen though!

Knitting backwards I can really see being useful, not having to turn the work (especially for short rows), plus the magic loop technique and cast-ons for toe-up socks.

Then today I spent the day trying to sort out my Etsy shop, this has not really happened, mainly due to some truly terrible photography:

(My laptop has now gone on strike, (it is obviously trying to save you from the horrors) but just imagine some really blurry photographs and you will get the idea!)

Everything else is basically sorted, I just need some good light to attempt some more photographs and type up all the details etc!

I haven't got round to doing any knitting though, maybe I'll get a few rows of sock done during the Dancing on Ice Skate off! I'm making the most of the boyfriend being out by watching programmes that he hates!

Monday, 2 March 2009

I knit weekend countdown!

Yeah it's only like 6 months away! But I am so excited. I really enjoyed last year, I went with my Mum and met the Yarn Harlot

I thought she was a brilliant speaker and had such a great day. Obviously lots of people must have enjoyed it as this year it's spanning two days!

I am going for both days, have booked myself in for two presentations and a workshop!

It's lucky I don't really have any other hobbies, it could get expensive...