Sunday, 15 February 2009

Just another manic Sunday...

Well I really enjoyed my weekend (I'm not being sarcastic here - for once). I sorted out loads of knitting stuff in my house. I got all my books together from around the flat (except for the ones that I am actually using right now) and put them all together on a shelf - this was a little bit of a shock.I am ashamed to say that this is not all of my knitting books (the rest are still in Newcastle - sorry Mum) along with the majority of my stash.

I put the majority of my knitting 'stuff' into a box so that I can actually find it and so we can move around the flat. I have kept my ball winder out - I think it acts as decoration. Plus I have some lovely skeins of sock wool to wind.

Plus once I have been brave and taken it off the spindle so I can set the twist - I have my first handspun.......

I am actually pretty proud of it - no way is it something I would buy though. The orange runs through it all but then different colours twist in. I think I need some more practice with my drafting (it's pretty chunky) and I don't think I could do it in public - a little too much swearing. But I did enjoy it really!

In a fit of productivity I have finished the knitting for my jumper, seamed the shoulders (not great) picked up stitches (not great) and knitted the ribbing and buttonholes. This is how it looks right now...

So just the sleeves to set in and the body to seam and the button to sew on. Then done!
I'm aiming to get it done by knitting group on Wednesday, mind you I was also planning to get it done for Christmas.....Wish me luck

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