Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A selection of books...

I got my prize today - not the most exciting bit (which will be seeing my pattern in print) but 3 books and a cheque - always nice :) I'm not sure that the books are ones that I would have bought myself, but they do have some nice patterns inside.

This book has some lovely patterns (despite the lack of babies or toddlers in my life) but if any of my friends start reproducing I now have some really cute presents in mind.

Not all of the socks in this book are to my taste, but I do really like the pattern for 'On the edge verticals' which are knit sideways, so you end up with vertical stripes when knitting with a variegated yarn. Could be interesting!

Finally the book of hot water bottle covers, could actually be useful as I have a naked (gasp!) hot water bottle in my cupboard. I really like the idea of the entrelac cover, it looks so snuggly (plus I keep meaning to try some entrelac).

In other news I have been making some stitch markers to sell on etsy, I have made several sets - I just need to take some photos then I can set up the shop. Very exciting, I've got a sneaky peek for you:
And finally I have started knitting a new pair of socks, I have chosen to ignore my normal hatred for combinations of lace and variegated yarns - I take it all back! I like the way these socks are turning out so far. This is where I would post a lovely picture of my new sock, but my computer is not playing ball and won't let me add any more pictures! It's my picture on twitter and I will go add it to Ravelry. The pattern is Hedera by Cookie A.

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  1. Prizes... hoorah! I quite like the sound of the vertical striped sock, though you'd probably need a yarn that does good, wide striping bands to make it work.

    Have you got an etsy shop yet? I dying to see it...