Sunday, 8 February 2009

Why did I not see this coming?

Well I have done exactly NO knitting this weekend.

Why is this you may ask, well that is because I am annoyed with myself for not being capable of reading a pattern correctly.

I have messed up the front of my credit crunch cardigan by just not reading the instructions - what an idiot! It's not like I just ignored these instructions once -No. I have already reknit the lace part of this front about six times, well I had better get frogging again!

In other news we have finished watching series 1 of the West Wing! I am really enjoying it, only 6 more to go.

(I have also been making some sets of stitch markers, but more about those in the future...)


  1. No Knitting? Well that is a shame. Still, I reckon I have done enough for the both of us! I spent a lot of Saturday knitting the Gift Scarf to its betassled conclusion, and today lunching with the recipient who squealed with delight at the scarf and particularly the tassles.

    So don't worry about the cardie, it will come good (and think of the owl cardie too!), and the stitch markers are gonna be superb!

  2. Bummer... I *hate* having to frog and re-knit!
    I'm sure it is worth it in the end though, the lace pattern is ever so nice.

    Stitch markers - cool! Your turquoise ones are gorgeous. Nicer than any I've seen, so I look forward to seeing the rest.

    I've been tinkering around with stitch markers & earrings myself in the last couple of months... but I haven't got v. far with my ramshackle bead collection. I did promise to make a set for Mel so I ought to get on with it. (I quite fancy doing a set in sterling silver with mixed gemstones.)