Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas is coming! (When did that happen?)

I had big plans in September - I was planning to knit something for just about anyone I had ever met. However, despite a massive list of people/things to knit I did not start.

By November I realised that I may actually need to start, but that I probably needed to take some people off the list.

By December I had started my knitting and was making good progress on my Mum's scarf, my main concern was my hat for my Dad. (We already know that is finished and handed over) but surprisingly after 2 weeks of practically no knitting I am now VERY behind with the lace scarf for my Mum. Argh! At least I am not going up to Newcastle until the 27th, but I'm not sure how happy national express will be with me trying to block a scarf on the train! Hmm I might have to think about finishing that a bit sooner.....

I have started the second sleeve of my first jumper - I know it would have made more sense to knit some of the scarf, but it's not really TV knitting. It is a really lovely pattern (Branching Out by Susan Laurence) and for some people it would be really easy, but this is my first lace project and needs a lot of attention!

Looks great though:
Best of luck for everyone else and their Christmas knitting, I'm planning to post again before Christmas, but who knows, I might actually knuckle down and tidy the house or finish my knitting :)

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  1. Impressive stuff! Reckon National Express would be a great place to block out that scarf - just spread it on the counter in the buffet car and you're sorted!
    I had major plans too for knitted Christmas gifts all round - got nowhere near completing all I wanted too, so people will have to wait for their birthdays!!
    C :-D