Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow. (Quote by Horace)

I think the knitting fates have just had a hand in persuading me to design something.
Ever since I went to an amazing fair isle class at I Knit London, I have been desperate to do some stranded colour work.

I had decided that as soon as I had finished my Christmas knitting (still no further with that - it does actually help if you pick it up once in a while though!) that I would cast on some fingerless gloves. I currently have a pair which I knitted as one of my first ever projects a few years ago now, they are pale grey (a perfect dirt magnet) don't fit brilliantly and annoy me because I can see all the beginners mistakes I made - there is one row where all the stitches are twisted and some of the ribbing is a bit well wrong.

So I thought about designing my own pattern, made a few sketches. Started a tension square (possibly a first for me) and then discovered the Endpaper mitts.

I had seen the pattern before, but never really appreciated just how nice those fingerless gloves were. They moved straight to the top of my Ravelry queue (behind other Christmas things) and I thought that was that, I'll cast them on as soon as possible.

But while ogling at the Ravelry page today, I read some of the comments saying that people are unable to access Eunny's blog - I thought little of it, I only read it last month. But it's true I am completely unable to access it either! Argh that blog was amazing - I had planned to refer back to the steeking examples in years to come. So farewell Endpaper mitts - I guess I'd better go get my colouring pencils and squared paper!

(Hopefully though Eunny's blog will return and normality will be restored)

Update - I can now access the page again - panic over, still might design something of my own though......

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