Monday, 26 January 2009

A 'Credit Crunch' Cardigan

I have finally got around to blocking the shawl that I got free with my Rowan membership last year. I do really like the stitch pattern, but the shawl has turned out a little bit too wide and a bit too short.

It has stretched a bit with blocking, but it's still not great (that may be due to my blocking). I will definitely use the stitch pattern again in the future, it was really easy to memorise and I think it looks really good once blocked - maybe for a cushion cover or something..... It would look really nice with a contrasting colour fabric underneath.

( I think my boyfriend may say the main problem with it is that it's taking a while to block, so our corridor is now kind of out of order - oops!).

I was planning to use my few days that I took off work to finish my Granite jumper - I haven't.
I just need to finish knitting the fronts and then sew it up (I really am dreading that!).

However, I did start a new cardigan (The 'Credit Crunch' cardigan, only because I like the alliteration/it was cheap/I started it the day we actually entered into a recession). I was tempted by some really cheap acrylic ( I know, its not my preferred choice, but this cardigan only has one size so I have no clue if it will fit me, or even suit me if it does fit) so I can't really justify buying 400g of some lovely yarn.

If it does look nice on me that will (of course!) justify me buying nice wool and knitting it again. It has been a really quick knit so far, I started it Friday evening and last night I had got to the lace section at the top of the back (and I am really not a fast knitter). I think it looks quite good.

The only problem is that I seem to be ok with stitch gauge, however my row gauge is MILES off. This cardigan is going to end up much longer than the one in the book, I don't think that this is a problem though as I am quite tall, as long as I do the same for the two fronts.

If my understanding is right it should only effect picking up the stitches for the button bands, I might just need to pick up a few more stitches and do some maths to work out where my button holes should go.

Please tell me if I am ignoring some massive coming problem due to my row gauge issues!

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  1. The shawl looks great - is it a pale violet shade, or just my monitor?

    If it is wide enough to be a baby blanket, it would make a lovely gift for someone. (Otherwise the cushion cover idea - with a vivid contrasting fabric underneath - would work a treat... )