Monday, 19 January 2009

What should I knit now?

Well I finished my deadline project - a knitted cactus for J. Yes I did forget to photograph it before gifting, but luckily it still lives in our office so it can have a photo shoot tomorrow. It was really easy and I am now in love with Jean Greenhowe patterns. I have had a few pamphlets for a while now - why do I not use them more often?

I need some inspiration!!! There are millions of things I want to knit, and to be fair I have started 3 projects in the past 2 days and frogged them all! Argh, I either don't have the right/enough yarn (I don't understand how this is possible as I have two cupboards worth!).

I am going to restart the scarf which I just frogged, it is my first attempt at illusion knitting, which I think is really interesting. Well we will see how it comes out....

This is how it looks at the moment:

Those are the wrong size needles - I completely ignored the go DOWN a needle size instruction, so the pattern was just not showing through. I have chosen 2 shades of brown, hoping that my brother will like it, hopefully it will suit the pattern. I guess this is one to wait and see what happens. I'm planning this to be the project which I take to SnB this week.

The only main thing I've got on my needles now is my Granite jumper, but I'm going to wait until the end of the week to attempt to finish it off. I've got Friday off work and the house to myself to lay it all out and try to work out what I'm doing next.

This is my picture from the other day, it is now a tiny bit further on, but still looks very similar.

Really I need a small project to take on the train with me, I guess that will be the endpaper knits, but I'm not sure how good an idea it is to try my first colour-work on the train. Any thoughts?

Some finished projects...
My Snowy Cowl - the one the caterpillar dropped out of.

My Alpaca cabled wrist warmers - if you know me and have avoided my shoving these in your face to show you the cable work then congratulations, you are one of very few!


  1. Aha - an easy question this one! You should definitely start knitting my birthday present next! :-D

    Nah just kidding, how about something else cabled?

    Tell you what you shouldn't knit next - a scarf. I have spent an hour scarf knitting this evening and I swear there is as much yarn left as ever. Gah!

  2. Hello... I added your blog to my bloglines feed.

    I like your cowl.. in fact I *think* I am knitting a variation of the same pattern right now (is it listed on ravelry as "quickie cowl"?)

    I could probably think of 101 things for you to knit next... but it all comes down to taste. Illusion knitting looks really cool though, and I think it's ideal for a man. Just the right mixture of understated and geeky.