Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ending 2008 / Starting 2009

Sorry, this is going to be quite a random post. It is basically summing up from Christmas until now...

So... I didn't burn Christmas Dinner:

I got loads of lovely knitting related presents (and some great non-knitting presents) -
Thank You to everyone!

I learnt to cable on Christmas day and had made some arm warmers by the 27th. I really need to block them before I take any photos, but I keep wearing them / shoving them in peoples faces to show them that I can do cables.

I finished the scarf for my Mum - and got it blocked ( I know the edges are suppose to be straight, but I had a lack of time / pins and actually really like how it turned out). Plus my Mum cried when I gave it to her, so I think she liked it too.

On New Year's Eve I went for a walk with my Dad - It was about -2 degrees (ignoring the wind), but I ended up boiling due to the number of hand knitted items I was wearing.

It was really gorgeous...

and there were lots of sheep!

And I finished my competition entry for Knitting Magazine - I am actually quite proud, it is the first time I have typed up a pattern and have really properly designed something. It is a Cafetiere Cover and here it is:

It is knitted in Rowan Tapestry, which looks brilliant, and exactly what I wanted, but I did find it a little bit splitty to knit with. Plus I'm not sure if its my tensioning, but it did seem to lose it's twist quite easily. I would still use it again though, it looks great. I lined my cosy with some brown felt and voila!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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