Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Freaking out the muggles

It seems to me that this week I will mostly be freaking out any non-knitter who happens to come anywhere near me! It started Monday morning when I got on the underground, started casting on a cabled headband (as you do) and the woman next to me asked for a demonstration of the long-tail cast on. The shock on the poor man's face sitting opposite us was a sight to see. He was obviously just a little bit surprised that not only was there one crazy knitting lady on his tube, but two!

Tuesday came along and my tube home was so busy that there was no way I was going to get a seat, so I started knitting standing up. Well let me tell you, people soon start moving down the carriage away from the doors if there is a knitter there. I wasn't even using sharp metal needles or anything, just my Denise interchangeable circulars (which I still adore). Hehe, may repeat that in the future.

Then today I went to my first work Stitch and Bitch meeting, which was really good, but it was a little bit weird seeing every other member of staff walk in and either do a massive double take or stand and point (which I think is a little harsh!). I will keep going though because everyone seems so nice, plus how many people are lucky enough to have a knitting group at work?

.... Well I did have a photo of my current project to post here to show how chaotic it looks, but once again my camera cable has disappeared somewhere into the abyss of knitting related items which is my flat (despite that fact that I put a little tag on it saying "camera" and put it in a so called 'safe place' - no I have no idea where that is now).

You will just have to imagine it....

2 balls of bamboo yarn connected to one piece of knitting
2 Denise Interchangeable Cables
- One used as a stitch holder
- One actually with needles on it
1 row counter

Sounds like fun doesn't it!


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  1. Heh.... ok I am not stalking you, I promise. I just happened to click on your blog from Ravelry and this post made me laugh. I knit on the tube too... sometimes standing up, and people look at me like I'm a freak of nature!

    I find knitting on circulars makes it easier to knit on the tube... it's nice and compact and not at all elbowy.

    Anyway I'm really pleased you joined stitch and bitch, hope to see you next week! (By the way it's Sue from work who you met earlier today!)